Taking a “Death Vow”

As we were lying in bed last night my wife and I had an interesting conversation. I had just told her how much I enjoyed blogging and such, then, out of no where she said, “did you know that the word mortgage comes from a French word meaning vow onto death or something?” I was quite amused. We laughed some and wondered what we were doing in this business!

After the laughter she said she wasn’t entirely sure about the details and told me to make sure I check it out before telling people this new information. My wife is a language nut, if I can call her that. She speaks German, Japanese, a little French and has picked up quite a bit of my native tongue Nepalese.  I secretly trusted her instincts.

Nonetheless, I checked it out on wikipedia (the reference of choice for a web-junkie like myself).  My wife was dead on. This is what it said:

The term mortgage (from Law French, lit. death vow) refers to the legal device used in securing the property.

I found that very interesting and funny! Read the history section of the wikipedia page. It’s very fascinating.

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