Everyone knows that there are many different kinds of mortgage programs – even if there aren’t as many today as there were just a few years ago.  Some of the most popular mortgage programs include:

But there are also a number of other mortgage programs that are popular that are a little bit harder to find help for.”Special” mortgage programs include:

  • Canadian citizen mortgage loans
  • Home Path loans
  • Home Style loans
  • FHA 203k and FHA 203k streamline loans

Regardless of whether you are seeking a loan with the ten day close guarantee or a loan that is a little more difficult to get done and may have special requirements, one thing is certain… mortgage financing is still available for people who can document their income, assets and have a good credit score.

Get The Best Deal

Getting the best deal on your mortgage is easy if you shop multiple lenders and get multiple quotes. Getting multiple written quotes from local lenders can help you see what rates lenders are offering and which lender has the most to offer you. Get started right here by shopping multiple lenders and see which one offers you the best deal!
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